To process land titles / property development according to legislation efficiently, transparently and interstitially



  • Planning of land use and giving insights on all development studies submitted to the Director of Land and Mines of Perak
  • To oversee the land plans of the State of Perak including processing the declaration of group settlements under the Land Act (Group Placement Area 1960)
  • Processing application for gazette and cancellation of reserve land, forest reserve, border amendment and others
  • Processing land applications from Ministries, Departments, Government Agencies, Associations, Associations, Unions, Clubs and the Public for consideration of State Authorities
  • To process TNB Electricity Line Tariff application under the Electricity Supply Act 1976
  • To process a land acquisition application under the 1960 land acquisition law for the entire state of Perak for consideration by the Perak state authorities
Organisation chart


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