Enact land laws and regulations to stimulate economic organization of the State of Perak Darul Ridzuan as well as to inform the public and corporate bodies about the monitoring of land regulations set by the State Authority.


  Technical Unit
  1. Conduct investigation and prepare land reports for industrial / building / agricultural applications for owned / government land.
  2. To carry out land measuring for the purpose of providing land surveying applications for land application approved by the State Authority.
  Enforcement Unit
  1. Running enforcement of land laws against intrusion / encroachment on government land illegally in Perak - Section 425 KTN.
  2. Responsible for enforcing enforcement of stone material transfer without the permission of the Authority.
  3. Carry out monitoring and enforcement tasks of landowner / landlord breach, for land owned within the State of Perak - Section127 KTN.
  4. Coordinate and monitor integrated operations actions under Section 425 and 426 KTN throughout Perak..
  5. Supervising and standardizing all enforcement activities as well as submitting any amendments to the latest land law throughout the land administration of Perak.

Carta Organisasi