We promise to provide the following quality services: -


No. Type of Service Period

Registration of Temporary Ownership within a period of complete document acceptance.

i) Individuals Seven working days until Notice 5F is issued.
ii) Up to 50 ownership
iii) Up to 500 ownership
iv) Up to 1000 ownership

Permanent Ownership Registration takes into account the plan period received from JUPEM.

i) Individuals 1 month
ii) Up to 200 ownership 3 months

Processing the Application and Registration of the Proprietorship within a period of complete document receipt.

i) Ownership Lost / Destroyed 3 months
ii) Broken Ownership 10 days
(d) Registration of Form D & Form K for land acquisition. 7 working days
(e) Application for Change of Terms and complete documents. 7 working days
(f) Registration of Boundary / Divorce Application for Divorce / Consolidation within a period of complete document is received. 7 working days

Official Search for a single ownership (Not problematic)

10 minute
(h) Correction 380.

Correction of mistakes involving owner and stakeholder information

14 working days

Corrections involve the terms and conditions of tax rates

7 day after received the report/inquiry